Special situations

We provide active support during restructuring and crises.

Crises and special situations are just as much a part of companies as success. To ensure that crises are quickly identified and effectively eliminated, we also support the management in difficult situations. It is precisely at such times that quick decisions and consistent action are essential. The transparent involvement of all staff, especially the grassroots, is an important success factor in overcoming the crisis.

Growth companies frequently find themselves in crisis situations unexpectedly, due to uncontrolled growth or changed market conditions. Here too, we support the management in maintaining an overview and dealing professionally with the complex demands of a crisis. In addition to the very high operative requirements in a crisis, we never lose sight of retaining the highest possible enterprise value in order to secure the investment of the owners, shareholders, and creditors.

If we can be of assistance in a crisis or special situation in your company, please get in touch: