We support companies during the successful digital transformation of their business operations.

KPI based performance management

We assist companies during the digital transformation of their organic work processes. In a nutshell: we help you to map analogue processes, subprocesses or activities in software solutions and, where appropriate, to automate them. Besides achieving a high level of process transparency, we focus on supporting the development and implementation as well as the intensive use of the relevant KPIs for all processes and subprocesses.  

Agile high speed and innovation culture

Successful companies in the digital economy have a distinctive innovation culture that is deeply anchored in the company across all levels. The constant, traceable, and rapid testing of new ideas and the immediate transparent measurement of success as well as the sharing of results on a broad basis within the company are fundamental to a successful digital transformation. We believe in collective intelligence and know how to develop, promote, and use it successfully together with employees and teams.

Participatory strategies

Creating maximum transparency in the company ensures that all employees are aware of the vision and corporate goals, including those related to enterprise value development. Continuous cross-functional updates and dialogue with all employees in, for instance, town hall meetings, workshops, forums, and video messages create trust and the basis for intensive involvement of all people in the company engaged in the success process.

New leadership

In addition to a highly motivated and dynamic entrepreneur/CEO who inspires, challenges, and encourages all employees, flat hierarchies are another important prerequisite so that decisions are made at grassroots level where the know-how lies. This motivates the employees and helps to avoid bad decisions.

A key rule to remember and a prerequisite for this: always make decisions based on data and facts where possible, and always let the best arguments prevail, regardless of who makes them. 

Focusing on the essentials

This is key to achieving high speed implementation within the company. We help management to practise the art of omission and to focus strongly on the full realization of projects, tasks, and activities that are relevant to results in the short term.

We assist with the assessment and prioritization of activities as well as implementation management using agile methods and weekly sprints.

Beforehand, together with the management, we evaluate the impact of the task or project on the way it works in the company. This always entails determining the effort/cost/time and benefit/turnover/profit and then measuring and evaluating these metrics continuously and over the long term. The most important aspect is full implementation, so that the effectiveness of the results is visible throughout.

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