Advisory board and supervisory board mandates

We can draw on many years of involvement in advisory and supervisory committees.

Ralf Kindermann has more than 25 years’ experience as a board member and managing director in the consumer goods industry— in the areas of e-commerce, retail, and branded products.

I have been sharing my experience successfully with company founders and owners on supervisory boards and Advisory boards for more than 10 years. I attach great importance to trust, integrity, and loyalty, as well as practical and hands-on knowledge transfer. Open, constructive, and fair interaction between the management, the owners, and the Advisory board is a key factor for success.

In addition to the usual, often more strategic, cooperation with the owners and management, I frequently also take on a more active advisory role at the request of the management and owners, in which hands-on knowledge transfer and, above all, joint knowledge discovery take place in workshops, forums, meetings, and regular telephone calls during the year.

If you are interested in working with me in the context of a supervisory board or Advisory board role, please get in touch: