How we do it

We not only advise, but also provide active support when the situation requires it.

Our approach

1 We are not traditional consultants. Instead, we see ourselves as co-entrepreneurs and sparring partners for management. Our strong hands-on mentality and our fundamentally data-driven work using thorough analyses based on data and facts are characteristic of our way of working.

We are used to involving our clients’ teams in initiating change processes in a structured and proactive manner and pursuing their realization until they have been fully and permanently implemented.

We conduct sales and investment processes discreetly and independently of the respective portfolio company’s operative business. We actively support management throughout the process in order to achieve the best possible sales outcome for the owners.

Our expertise

2 Over 25 successful years in top management positions on the board and in the management of e-commerce, retail, and branded goods companies is the backbone of our experience. For decades, we have consistently shown that we think and act like entrepreneurs and owners. Incentives, usually entrepreneurial in nature, and the opportunity to invest equity as a co-investor underline our approach and give the owners further assurance that they will successfully achieve the goal we have set together.

Our guiding principles

3 We work according to strict ethical principles. For us, absolute discretion and confidentiality are a given and a vital prerequisite for our clients—renowned German family offices and international private equity funds. To avoid conflicts of interest, we work solely on an exclusive basis.

Our business is focused on achieving maximum success for and with our clients. That is why our own interests play a subordinate role in our work.

Our business is very personal. Our interaction with clients, founders, and entrepreneurs is always fair, cooperative, and respectful. We have a particularly good understanding of the special circumstances of German family entrepreneurs.

Our mission is always to deliver more than our client expects. We do not just want to fulfil our tasks, we want to inspire our customers and create long-lasting business friendships. Our extensive international network reflects this endeavour perfectly and constitutes both an obligation and a challenge for us.